The History Of Satelite TV In America

The History Of Satelite TV In America

Satellite TV begins in the early nineteen fifties, when everyone in the family would gather around the black and white TV and watch the new technology at work. It was something fantastic, that brought so much entertainment and information into so many peoples houses. Who could have known back then, when they watched shows like Buck Rogers and early science fiction shows, that in so few short years that the wild science fantasies they were watching, would someday be science fact. The black and white TVs were next replaced by color TVs and the step up in the technology was dramatic. People and things now looked so real.

They started putting better speakers in the TV sets also and it made for much better sound. Over a decade or so TVs started making some big improvements and one of the big ones that people take for granted now, is the remote TV changer. With it people could just stay on the couch and switch the channels. This was a big thing cause now people could channel surf. Now the big, fat, lazy guy could control the channels. Then came cable and this was radical new technology that did without any antennae on the house or TV set. Cable also brought a heck of alot more channels and there was some pretty good programming after a while. Cable TV was the top TV viewing technology for quite some time.

Still, for quite some time alot of people stayed with standard TV programming and did without cable. Some people are just slow to change I guess and they will always be. Then an odd new way of getting TV programming appeared and it was called satellite TV and it was so different. Satellite TV had even more channels that cable but you needed a bunch of equipment and a big dish in your yard to get it. Those who had it in the beginning said its programming was alot better than cable especially in the sports programming. Satellite TV could get sports from all over the world, at all hours of the night. Then satellite TV realy took off and the two top providers in the business began giving new customers brand new satellite systems when they joined their viewing families.

The technology of satellite TV service was so much more advanced than cable and satellite TV program carriers like Direct TV and Dish Network are now able to bring so much more and a much more higher quality programming than cable and at a much better price also. Just like when standard TV programming went to cable, some people are slow to move up, technologically speaking and they are staying put with their cable service. So the satellite TV service providers have great promotional offers that are well worth taking a good look at. They will give you the complete satellite TV system including up to four receivers and also they will throw in a free digital camera, for good measure. So with all this new technology and all the great programing and the free stuff. Why would anyone be still watching cable TV?

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