VoD Video on Demand

VoD Video on Demand

The full form of VoD is Video on demand . The systems of Video on Demand ( VoD) make it possible for the users to choose and see video as well as the clip content? by means of the network as a segment of the system of what is called the? Premium IPTV . The systems of the VoD ( Video on Demand)? either ‘stream? content, enabling watching on actual time , or download it. As far as the downloading is concerned , the program is delivered in its complete form to a set-top box prior to viewing . The latter is referred to as ‘store and forward?. Most of the VoD ( Vedio on Demand ) systems based on telco and cable are found to make use of the streaming process . In the streaming process , the users purchases or chooses a television program or movie and starts to play on the television immediately. In the present age , the term Video on Demand is found to encompass a wider corpus of the delivery equipments , referring the set top boxes , computers as well as the mobile phones . Apart from this , the term Video on demand is also applied? to refer any kind of system? which can acquire on-demand audio-visual content by means of a network.

As far as the functionality of the video on Demand or VoD is concerned , the download as well as the streaming video on demand systems offer the user a huge subset of VCR functionality which includes fast forward , slow forward , pause , slow rewind , fast rewind, jump to previous frame or jump to future frame, and many other like options. All the aforementioned functions related to the video on Demand ( VoD) are generally regarded as ?trick modes?. The streaming systems that are found to be based on disk store stream as well as stream? programs from what is called hard disk drive. They need additional processing as well as storage on behalf of the server. The reason for this is that the separate files needed for rewind and fast forward have to be stored.

The VoD ( Video on Demand ) streaming Systems that are based on memory possess the benefit of being able to do the trick modes from the Read Only Memory or what is called RAM. That needs no CPU cycles . The video servers can also be placed on the Land Area Networks or LANs. In this particular instance , they can offer very quick response to the people exploring this benefit. Apart from this , the streaming video servers can provide service to a broader community by means of a Wide Area Network or WAN. In this particular instance of the streaming Video servers service a broader community , the responsiveness can be certainly reduced . The services of VoD (Video on Demand ) are available in the different areas of the world.

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